Blog Highlight: the Consumerist

The Consumerist is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs. Though it purports to be for people who consume rampantly, there are plenty of posts warning you away from consuming, listing free stuff, and giving tips on how to save money.

Some notable posts from the front page:

Conserve Energy By Watching Hourly Rate
Did you know that you are charged a different rate for electricity during the peak hours of the day? It’s true! One Chicago group is learning to conserve energy (and money) by monitoring their usage hourly, rather than monthly.

Free Online Investment Classes From Morningstar
Don’t know what the hell you’re doing when it comes to investing? Hey, join the club. Good thing Morningstar is offering free investment classes on their website. They’re organized like college classes, and you can earn points for completing the quizzes at the end of each class.

They also have a daily Morning Deals post.


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