The Short Version:

I’m spending a year not shopping for or buying unnecessary things. No eating out, no new electronic gadgets, no shopping for clothes, books, or accessories. The purpose of this blog is not only to chronicle one shopaholic’s struggle to pull this off, but also to provide resources for folks who are tired of consumer culture, spending without thought, and base materialism. All without having to become crunchy granola hermits in the wild. We can buck materialism without denying ourselves the things that make life easy.

The Long Version:

The blog itself. Read the introduction post, browse the categories, and become a regular commenter.

About the Author:

Or, why the pseudonym?

I post pseudonymously for two reasons. The first is that my boss would not understand. I work for a fashion and beauty magazine. My job is to try and get women to buy things they probably don’t need by writing wonderful and persuasive things about products. I am the enemy.

Though this idea directly conflicts with the goals of my job, I find the contrasts very interesting. I have no moral problem spending my days writing half-hearted copy to convince women with more money than sense to buy tanning booth showers and my evenings talking about where to get things for free and encouraging people never to buy useless products like that again. It all comes down to personal responsibility. My readers, in both venues, must ultimately decide what they want to do.

The second reason is that it doesn’t matter who I am, personally. I’m already out of the closet on being a woman, single, and living in New York City. I do have a bit of a problem with buying things I don’t need. (My mom calls me The Ultimate Consumer, thus the moniker.) What else about me matters? Nothing, as far as I can tell. Plus, it will be interesting to see what kind of assumptions folks make about me with the limited information presented.

Okay, I’ll be honest, there’s a third reason. I don’t want my family to find out I’m not buying them any presents this year.

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The best way to contact me is to get involved in the blog by commenting. I read everything and I love comments. So make my day. If you need to contact me privately, I can be reached via email: oneyearwithout@gmail.com