Ads & Links

A Note on Links and Advertising

I will never allow advertising on this blog for obvious reasons. I may mention products, services, or books, but I do so because I think they’re great, not because I’ve been paid. If you’d like to mention something to me or the readers here that qualifies as a product, service, or book, I may let you. But don’t try to sneak advertising in the links. I’ll delete, ban, and burn you at the stake.

You may notice that when I mention a book or product, I link to places where you can buy it (often Abebooks or Amazon). Some of those links generate money for me if you choose to buy something at that store.

You may ask: Isn’t this contrary to the purpose here? Encouraging people to buy?

Well… truth is, I don’t care if you buy the books (or whatever) or not. Books you can usually get from the library. Other stuff you can get through my links or elsewhere. But, if you are going to buy, I might as well get a little change. I suggest you try and get what you want for free.


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